HAZET 19mm Plastic Sleeved Impact Lug Socket

  • How many times have you seen the wheels of a Porsche damaged by an overzealous, underpaid tire-shop employee who got a little too happy with the impact wrench??  I have seen that on nearly every car on the road, and I do not want to be the cause of that on my own 944 (or any of my cars for that matter).

    I prevent that from ever happening with this Hazet 19mm Plastic Sleeved Lug Nut Impact Socket.  19mm will fit the 944, 951, and most other Porsches.  It also fits my 2006 Cayenne S.

    If, at any time the impact wrench gets away from you, all that will hit your precious, irreplaceable Fuchs or Clubsport wheels is the plastic sleeve, leaving no mark or damage of any kind.

    This is a small purchase for what it can absolutely prevent!

    $32 SHIPPED USPS Priority Mail